About Me

Where to start?! My name is Molly, I’m in my late 20s & I live in the East of England with Mum, Dad, Younger Brother & Fluffy Thing (my dog). Older Brother lives locally. I’ve chosen to use alternative names or initials on this blog as I know not everyone is happy about being named online.

I have always been different from my peers & right now I’m working on embracing those differences. Some people don’t like labels but I do. They help me know who I am & where I fit. I am autistic, chronically ill & disabled. I often confuse medical professionals because I don’t fit neatly into their tickboxes. I am also bisexual.

When I talk about being disabled on this blog I am referring to being physically disabled as a result of my chronic illness. I know that technically autism is also classed a disability but I personally don’t see it as that – yes, there are negative aspects to it as well as positive ones but it’s just part of who I am.

I already have a private blog for keeping friends & family up to date with my health but thought a public blog might interest people. Hopefully some of my musings may also raise awareness of some of the barriers I face in my everyday life and maybe inspire other people to embrace their differences/have more confidence in being themselves.

I’m not sure what else this blog might touch on but if you’re looking for fashion & beauty content then you’ve come to the wrong place!

I can’t claim to represent anyone but myself when voicing my experiences, views & opinions on this blog. I don’t speak for any minority groups or communities. I try to use the correct terminology & never mean to upset or offend anyone, but am always willing to learn.

Lastly, apologies if I’m not always able to blog regularly. My chronic illness fluctuates unpredictably and sometimes I’m just too unwell.